Mountain Bike Bolivia

Mountain Bike Bolivia? This is the terrain for mountain biking (MTB), and it is incomprehensible wild and high. Bolivia is a beautiful and friendly country, ideal for a nice bike ride. Landscapes and climates alternate quickly - in one ride we can descend three thousand meters, the cold high-plateau where we see deep beneath our rivers, to the rivers themselves; herds of llamas to forest roads where groups of beautiful butterflies end your ride. In fact many of the roads are isolated without heavy traffic and no complexity. Finally, we put on your consideration the kind of trips which combine mountain bikes.


Urmiri (Thermal Baths)
01 Day

Urmiri + Sapahaqui
02 Days

Lake Titikaka + Copacabana
01 to 02 Days

Sorata Valley + San Pedro Caves
01 to 02 Days

Sorata Valley + Mapiri + Guanay
05 to 07 Days

Coroico + The coca Leaves Road
02 to 03 Days

01 day

Bolivia Mountain Biking Traverse
21 to 22 days

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