Trekking Bolivia

It is not hard to understand why this huge lake became the focus for a religion; today’svisitors feel exultation at their first sight of this great sapphire-blue body of watercontrasting with the dried yellow grasslands which surround it, and the white peaks of the Cordillera Real against the sky. The Isla Del Sol supports a surprisingly large population sois networked with trails. You can walk and camp a few days on the Isla del Sol. Is a mostrewarding experience

Isla del Sol

Copacabana to isla del Sol

01 to 03 days.

Less know and less accessible than the Cordillera Real, the Apolobamba lies to the north and west of that range, rising abruptly from the Altiplano and straddling the Peruvian frontier at the northern tip of Lake Titikaka. The beauty of the mountain scenery equals or even exceeds that of the Cordillera Real, and the glimpses of Indian life and wildlife are even more interesting. The Apolobamba owes its network of good trails to the Spanish lust for gold. In the Apolobamba foothills there are a number of lakes to visit, where you encounter flamingoes, ducks, Andean geese, black ibises and other water flow.

North Trail

Pelechuco to Pelechuco

06 to 07 days

South Trail

Charazani or Curva to Pelechuco

05 to 06 days

The 160 km of Bolivia´s Cordillera Real stretch from the Sorata Valley to Rio La Paz, providing a splendid backdrop for the world´s highest capital city. There are six peaks over 6000 m., and many more above 5000 m. mark. This mountain range is perfect for backpacking, offering days of hiking above a tree line with snow-capped mountains appearing around almost every bend, and steep descents to the tropical vegetation of the Yungas. Here are two of the finest pre-Columbian highways in South America; the stone paving is impressive. All the trails can be done in reverse if you prefer going uphill to downhill.


Ingenio to Mapiri

08 days

to Condoriri

Lago Khotia to Laguna Chiar Khota

02 to 03 days

Condoriri to

Tuni to Chacapampa

02 to 03 days

Chacaltaya to
Huayna Potosí

02 to 03 days

Huayna Potosí

Base to Hight Camp

01 day

Huayna Potosí
to Coroico Trail

Huayna Potosí to Coroico

05 to 06 days

Choro Trail

Cumbre to Coroico

03 to 04 days

La Reconquistada

Mina San Francisco to Sud Yungas

02 to 03 days

Takesi and
Alto Takesi Trail

Mina San Francisco to Sud Yungas

02 to 03 days

Palca Canyon

Uni to Palca

01 day

Mururata Trail

Mina Bolsa Negra to Mururata Lagoons

01 day

Yunga Cruz

Chuñavi or Lambate to Chulumani

03 to 05 days

Cordillera Real

Laguna Khotia to Coroico

09 to 10 days

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